We wrote a New Developer Guide to help new members of the Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS) Community get started contributing.

a screenshot of a website that says 'Welcome to OpenMRS. Write code, save lives.'

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OpenMRS is a Free and Open Source Software which provides medical record systems for use in resource scarce environments (over 20 countries worldwide).


How can we break down the barrier to entry for new open source software contributers and bring them into the OpenMRS Community?


An online and print guide to getting started with OpenMRS, which was later converted into a gitbook. View the guide here.


User Research From June to August 2013, I was an intern with the GNOME Outreach Project for Women. As an intern, I was partnered with OpenMRS to work on restructuring their documentation to make it more user friendly. I interviewed community members with experiences ranging from brand new to more that 20 years of experience. From these interviews, I created templates for documentation pages and a plan for restructuring the documentation wiki used by OpenMRS.

Docs Sprint In September, I joined my teammates for Google Summer of Code Doc Camp in Mountainview California. Over the course of the 5 day sprint, we created the OpenMRS New Developer Guide.

You can read about my process here.


June 2012 - September 2012


Michael Downey
Eric Holscher
Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne
Daniel Kayiwa
Jordan Kellerstrass
Elyse Voegeli

a stack of books with stethoscopes on the cover.

A stack of new printed guides. Some developers work offline in low-resources environments.